HeadBlade HB4
HeadBlade HB4

HeadBlade HB4

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The HB4 four-bladed cartridge comes standard on the HeadBlade ATX and MOTO. It delivers amazing performance due to its flow through design and seamless blade construction. 

Each blade should last 10 complete shaves per cartridge, although these are rough estimates, and your mileage may vary. 

To help your blades last longer, we encourage you to wash them clean and allow them to dry.

We've spent over three years creating a unique pivot that allows the HB4 and HB6 blade cartridge to be used on any HeadBlade. Including the Sport and Ghost. All you have to do is use the supplied adapter that comes in each blade kit. 

Having the best blades guarantees the best headshave, both the HB4 and HB6 are the current top players.

Are you ready for a superlative experience?


Each pack includes four HB4 cartridges and one adaptor