Why Do People Consider Guys with Shaved Heads Intimidating?

A shaved head has become synonymous with power and masculinity. In a way, it is a natural substitute for using a testosterone supplement. Shaved heads are also cool, tough, and the perfect cure for baldness. 

Why does a shaved head carry these connotations? More specifically, why do people often consider guys with shaved heads intimidating and tough? 

Shaved Heads Were Not Always So Common

While you cannot walk down the street without passing a guy with a bald head, there used to be a time when bald heads were rare. A hundred years ago, prisoners were about the only people that you would see with shaved heads. They would shave their scalps to control lice in jails. 

After leaving prison, many of these guys would stick with the shaved look. It made them appear tough, as people associated bald heads with prisoners, sailors, and poor labourers. It was also a bit of a rebellious statement.

Over the years, other groups began to adopt the bald lifestyle as part of their aesthetics. Skinheads, neo-Nazis, and anarchists often sported shaved heads.


While some of these connections are not favourable, they help illustrate how our original stereotypes about bald heads were developed. However, this still doesn’t completely explain how this style transformed and recently gained so much traction.

Hollywood Tough Guys Often Have Shaved Heads

In recent years, there has been an explosion in the number of guys with shaved heads. Besides the original stereotypes, there is another reason. You can thank Hollywood for making bald heads cool again.

Some of the biggest tough guys in Hollywood are known for their shaved heads. The Rock, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, and many other action stars are symbols of masculinity, toughness, and baldness.

To put it simply, bald is cool and tough. This is even backed by psychological research. 

In several studies, people perceived men with shaved heads as more dominant, powerful, and influential. These are all adjectives that are associated with an intimidating personality. 

If you want to associate these words with yourself, consider joining the bald lifestyle!