Why are So Many Brits Shaving Their Head by Choice?

You may have noticed that a shaved head has become a real style in recent years. Shaving your head is no longer just a way to hide your receding hairline. Plenty of men and women are shaving their heads by choice. 

Why is a shaved head suddenly so popular? We think there are a few different factors that led to this lifestyle trend. 

More People are Embracing the Bald Look

One reason for the popularity of a shaved head is that more people are trying it for themselves. The more popular it becomes, the less frightening it is for someone that has never shaved his head. 

Britain has one of the highest hair loss rates in the world. In the past, you would often see men with toupees and comb overs at every corner. 

Men in this country tend to go bald early. Before you reach forty, you may notice a receding hairline and thinning hair. Not even the royal family could find a cure for baldness.



Luckily, some of the most influential people have embraced their receding hairlines and chosen to go completely bald. Just look at Prince William. He has shown us that we’re in a modern era and the modern man doesn’t have time for magical potions that don’t work.

Head Shaving Has Become Safer and Easier

Another reason for the changing perception of shaved heads is the availability of products designed to make the head shaving experience safer and easier.

You can now find razors that are specifically created for head shaving. These razors provide a better grip and more comfort when shaving over the curves of your head. 

We’ve written many articles covering the benefits of living the bald lifestyle and the power that it offers. It seems that many people have started to explore these benefits on their own. Head shaving is more popular and easier than ever.

We believe that everyone should try shaving their head at least once in their lifetime. Without shaving your head, you simply don’t know what the shape of your head looks like without hair. It’s such a positive, freeing experience that there is a good chance that you will continue shaving it off forever.