What I Learned After Shaving My Head for the First Time

When you spend most of your adult life with a full head of hair, the idea of shaving your head can be frightening. However, head shaving can be a freeing experience. If you do not believe this, here is a short story from a HeadBlade customer who was frightened of baldness.


Developing a Receding Hairline Early

I first started noticing a receding hairline when I was about 24 to 25 years old. I immediately felt frightened that I would be bald, ugly, and unapproachable by the time I was thirty. I was also afraid that my girlfriend at the time would notice my hair loss.

The hair loss started in the front, over my forehead. I could handle the receding hairline quite easily with various funky hairstyles. This worked for a while.

Around the time that I turned 27, the gap near the front of my hairline had gotten bigger. I also noticed that the hair on top of my head was starting to thin. I no longer had enough hair to cover up the receding hairline.

Expensive Products Did Not Help 

Changing my hairstyle did not help cover up the receding hairline so I started trying all the potions and products that claim to restore thinning hair. While some of these products cost me a fortune, they did not do the job.

The recession was on and although nobody seemed to notice my thinning hair, I felt as if they didn’t talk about it out of kindness. The only person who mentioned my receding hairline was my girlfriend. This made me even more frightened of the possibility that she would eventually leave me.

I Tried Shaving My Head for the First Time

I finally decided to shave my head as a last-ditch effort to strengthen my hair. I also wanted to see what I would look like with a shiny, bald dome. I did it on a Friday in the middle of summer using an electric clipper. I was afraid I could cut myself with a razor and clippers felt safer at the time.

My first sensation was of freedom. As I started shaving my head, I immediately felt as if I had just defeated an illness that was ruining my life. While I felt happy that I decided to shave my head, I didn’t entirely like the way I looked with a bald head.

It wasn’t until my girlfriend told me that my head had a nice shape and that I looked tougher that I started to like it myself. This was the first of many positive comments. I started to feel better and better.

I continued using the electric clippers every couple of days but there was a problem. My receding hairline was still visible since the electric shaver doesn't give a close shave, so I asked my dad to shave my head with a razor.

The result was incredible. I felt clean, confident, and optimistic. I updated my style and people started giving me more attention. I was so satisfied that I regretted not shaving before. This was the best decision of my life.