What Do You Call People with Shaved Heads?

According to dictionary.com, the right word to use when referring to a guy with a shaved head is bald. Of course, the word “bald” is too boring, which is why there has been an evolution in the names that you can call people with shaved heads. 

Most Common Ways to Refer to People with Shaved Heads

A shiny head with no hair is no longer a rare sight. It is a fashion statement, a way of life, and something to be proud of. A shaved head can mean that you are tough, masculine, modern, courageous, and cool. But, what do you call yourself? Let’s go through the most used synonyms for modern, bald men.

Bare. Bare is simple, yet functional. You get all the information that you need in a single word.

Barren. While barren is a little negative, it does accurately describe a bald head.

Hairless. Calling someone hairless is not original, but it is also accurate for a shaved head.

Depilated. This word is commonly used when talking about legs. However, it also works for bald heads.

Exposed. Exposed is how you feel once you shave your head for the first time.

Shaven. A freshly shaven head is how some Americans refer to a bald head.

Smooth. Smooth is a great way to describe a shaved head. I love this word!

Stark. Does the word stark have something to do with Iron Man or does it sound a little negative?

Chrome Dome. Chrome Dome is a funny slang term that you can avoid by using the HeadLube Matte product.

Cue Ball. Cue Ball is an older term that was commonly used in the US.

Skullet. While I have never heard of this term, some people seem to use it.

Bold. Bold is the wrong way to refer to a bald person.

Which Phrase or Word Should You Use?

You can use any of the phrases discussed. Whichever phrase you use, you are bald and bold. The name that you use also does not matter as much as how you take care of your dome. Make sure that you use the right equipment when shaving your head.