What Do Other People Really Think About Guys with Shaved Heads?

A lot of guys are afraid to shave their heads due to fear of how they will be perceived by other people.

There have been many experiments on the psychology behind human perception, including a very interesting one performed in the USA by the “Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania”. 

This experiment included three tests that were developed to learn more about the way people perceive men with shaved heads.

People Perceive Bald People as More Dominant 

In the first test, there were 25 men dressed in identical suits. 15 of the men had hair and 10 were bald. 

59 students were told to rate the dominance and agreeableness of the 25 men. Another 60 students were told to rate the attractiveness and age of the subjects.

The results showed no significant difference in the perceived agreeableness, attractiveness, or age of the men. However, the bald ones were rated as more dominant.

Bald Guys Are Considered More Masculine 

For the second test, four of the men with hair from the previous test had their photos taken. Researchers digitally removed their hair, creating a separate set of images with the same people without hair.

367 adults were shown both sets of photos and told to rate the dominance, confidence, masculinity, attractiveness, estimated age, and leadership potential.

The results of the second test closely matched the results of the first test. There was no difference in leadership ability between the two. While the photos of guys with hair were rated as more attractive, the photos of guys without hair were rated as more dominant, confident, and masculine.

Thinning Hair Receives More Negative Feedback

The third test included photos of guys with a mixture of shaved heads, unshaved heads, and thinning hair. Like the previous tests, people rated the photos of guys with shaved heads as stronger and more dominant. However, the photos of men with thinning hair only received negative feedback.

The results of this experiment only confirm what we always thought and what we've experimented on ourselves. We already knew that a shaved head is synonymous with dominance, confidence, masculinity, and strength.