What Blades Should You Use: HB4 or HB6?

If you have purchased an ATX or a MOTO, you are already aware of the excellent performance of the HB4 blade from HeadBlade when gliding the razor over your scalp as these razors are sold with one HB4 cartridge included, but how do these blades compare to the HB6?

Both Products are Quality Options

Both options deliver amazing performance due to the flow-through design and blade construction. They also both have a long-lasting lubricating strip to protect each blade.

The main difference is the space between each blade. As the name suggests, the provided blade includes four blades while the HB6 offers six blades in a cartridge of the same dimensions. This means that the blade space is smaller since there are more blades fitted on the same surface.

Consider How Often You Shave

While more blades typically mean better results, this is not always true. In fact, the reduced space may cause clogs if you decide to shave your head every day or two.

If you are an avid head shaver who shaves daily or every two days, you may prefer the six-blade cartridge. However, if you prefer to shave every three or four days, then the HB4 is the best choice for your scalp.