Useful Precautions When Shaving Your Head for the First Time

So, you’ve finally decided to shave your head. Congratulations. You’re about to discover the joy of joining the bald lifestyle. However, don’t rush to the bathroom and start ripping off your hair with the first razor that you find.

If you want to enjoy the head shaving experience, there are a few precautions that you can take to prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritation. 

Trim Your Hair Before Shaving It Off

Before you start shaving your head, you need to ensure that your hair is short enough for the razor. If you have too much hair, the razor will quickly become clogged. With each pass, you may rip some of your hair out or cause excessive irritation.

Use a pair of electric clippers and shave your entire head down to a quarter of an inch. The shorter hair will make the rest of the shaving process easier.

Prepare Your Scalp Before Shaving

The next step is to do something that many guys have never done. You need to exfoliate your scalp to remove dead skin cells. Eliminating the dead skin cells will allow the blades of the razor to flow easily across your scalp.

There are also a couple other steps to take before shaving your head. You should use a good pre-shave cream to help soften the hairs. After you shave, you may also want to use a post-shave lubricant to hydrate your scalp.

Avoid Using a Standard T-Shaped Razor

Besides a pre-shave cream and post-shave lotion, you need the right razor. Avoid using a classic T-shaped razor. These razors are designed for shaving beards and legs. Due to the awkwardness of shaving with one of these razors, the risk of cuts and ingrown hairs increases.

The best razors have an ergonomic grip to give you more control and feedback when gliding the blades across your scalp. 

Once you have gathered your equipment, you are ready to pamper your head with warm water for several minutes before shaving. 

As a final set of tips, remember to take your time when shaving for the first few times. You should slowly get used to the head shaving experience. You should also avoid making too many passes and treat your head gently. 

Good luck and welcome to the bald lifestyle!