The Great Shave Debate - Dry vs Wet

Don’t kid yourself – no two shaved heads are the same, and beneath every one there’s an opinion about how best to approach the challenge. And let’s not kid ourselves, it is a challenge, fraught with foreseen and (literally) un-seen problems. Now HeadBlade has come to the United Kingdom it’s a debate you could find yourself having in workplaces, pubs and clubs throughout Britain (well, what else are you going to talk about?!), so you will want to be prepared. Let’s run through a few of the pros and cons.

Okay, you’ve decided to try dry. Closeness isn’t the number one priority for you, but electric razors have come a long way since they were used only on sheep and Elvis Presley. They offer a closer cut than in the past and, although they’ll never be able to reproduce the closeness, cleanness and freshness of the wet cut, they do have some things going for them.

Dry Pros

Speed: they’ll certainly get the job done faster than going wet because no cream is required.

Long-term convenience: electric razors are cheaper in the long-term even though they’ll cost you more up-front because the blades last longer.

Easy peasy: batteries may be required, but learning is not. Just plug and play.

But for us HeadBladers, the cons clearly outweigh the pros (well, we never claimed to be impartial!). Here are some of them:

The Negs

Close, but no shave: they only cut hairs just above the surface no matter how much pressure you place, so if your aim is a smooth bald head, they just won't cut it.

Irritation: you know that itchy feeling after a face shave around your throat? Now imagine it over your entire head. And although this doesn't occur with everybody, tough if you’re one of the unlucky ones, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Maintenance: not so fast! For the best results, electric razors should be cleaned after every shave, and you’ll need to replace parts every now and then.

Initial cost: You might find some good shavers for under 50 pounds, but for a decent razor you’re looking at more like 200 pounds or above.

Tear hairs: now here’s a technical term, but one that can have real world consequences. Make sure your razor’s blades slice the hair instead of tearing it off. You can see what torn hair looks like in the image below.

As HeadBladers we’ve considered all of the above, which is why we went wet. Here are some of the fruits of our experience.


The pros

Closeness: Man, it’s all about the edge. Indubitably, undoubtedly undisputedly, the best shave comes wet. No other approach can deliver the closeness and smoothness, especially if you want to hide hair loss.

Sensation: Fresh, clean and tidy are just some of the sensations you’ll feel after you've shaved your head and applied a post shave cream.

Exfoliation: With a wet shave, the blades remove your dead skin cells and expose your fresh and smooth skin, especially if you do it alongside using a cream exfoliator. Try it and you’ll never quit it.

The cons

Nothing in life is perfect, and the wet shave has its drawbacks too:

Long-term cost: that close cut will cost more over the long-term, even though it will cost less in the short (a high end HeadBlade can cost less than 20 pounds) because you’ll need fresh blades every 8/10 shaves.

Nicks, Cuts and Irritations: if you’re not using a HeadBlade, created solely for the contours and bumps of the skull, you risk marks because your classic shaving razor is not designed for the job – it’s made for tough beard hair. Frankly, traditional razors aren’t easy to use at all, especially behind your ears and neck. We know!

Fortunately HeadBlade has been dedicated to solving these problems since we began putting our heads together in California 20 years ago. We now offer the most functional, safe and easy to use head shaving razors in the world.

HeadBlades shave heads the way they’re meant to be shaved and are easy to use from the off. We’ve now opened our British branch to share our technology with our cousins across the Pond.

So although we’re not about to argue with the electric lover (and in our experience it is never wise to argue with a bloke with a shaved head, even if he has some stubble showing) the truth is if you want to enjoy a close, clean shave in less time than it takes to brew a proper cuppa, HeadBlade has got to be your cup of tea.