The Dos and Don’ts of Shaving from Head to Toe

Everyone seems to be shaving their bodies these days. Besides armpits and legs, razors are active on every inch of our bodies. 

While the latest shaving trends are difficult to keep track of, one thing is clear. Razors have evolved in such a way that there is one for every part of your body, and they all seem to do the job perfectly. It is no longer a case of using a single T-shaped classic razor for all your shaving needs.



The traditional razor may increase the risk of cuts and ingrown hairs when shaving areas other than your beard or legs. Modern razors ensure that you have a simple, secure, fast, and affordable way to handle your daily grooming. However, there are some do’s and don’ts to shaving that you should pay attention to.

Do Use a Scrub or Exfoliator Before Shaving

While this is one of the most ignored habits, using a scrub to exfoliate your skin has an enormous impact on shaving. Exfoliating eliminates all the dead cells that lie on your skin. It also helps the blades of the razor glide across your scalp and cut your hairs without stumbling through layers of dead skin.

Using an exfoliator not only helps you obtain a better shave and reduce ingrown hairs, it also helps your blades last longer. So, wherever you are shaving, always remember to use a scrub before passing those blades across your skin.

Do Soften Your Skin with Warm Water

Try shaving one leg without warming it up with a towel soaked in hot water, and, then, compare it with your other leg that you’ve gently softened. The difference is impressive. You will likely notice that the leg that you did not properly warm up still needs another shave.

Warm water opens your pores and allows the blades to shave your hairs to the right length. This is also the reason that more head-shavers have started shaving while taking a shower.

Don’t Shave Without Using a Shaving Cream

Even if you shave in the shower or in the bath, you should always apply a reasonable amount of pre-shave cream. It provides a protective barrier that prevents your skin from experiencing irritation and helps reduce ingrown hairs. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin. 

While you should use shaving cream, do not use canned pressurized foam. Believe us, pressurized shaving cream is just not good for your skin.

Don’t Use a Razor for Beards on Your Heads or Legs

There are three main, modern groups of razors. There are the conventional T-shaped razors designed for shaving beards. There are also body razors, which feature blades that are fitted with an oval blade holder. 

Head-shaving razors are the third group and feature a balancing pivot that helps provide stability. They also feature blades that are specifically built for head-shaving by providing more flexibility.

Every razor has its use. While you are free to use a body razor for shaving your head or beard, it’s not the best way to proceed if you want positive results. Shaving is a delicate job and it’s easy to get hurt when you use the wrong razor.

By the way, there is a new company in the UK called Harry’s. They produce an excellent conventional shaving razor. Their website clearly advises users to purchase a separate, dedicated head-shaving razor if they need to shave their heads. That is fair advice from a serious company.

Don’t Use Single Blade Razors

While a single-blade razor may be the least expensive option if you're on a budget, you should avoid them at all costs. When you use a single-blade razor, you need to perform so many passes that you increase the risk of irritation and still may never get the job done right. Anyway, we haven’t seen any for years. Are these blades still even available?

Do Shave Against the Grain of Your Hairs

Some say it’s better to only shave in the same direction as your hair growth, while others prefer going directly against the grain. The truth is that if you want a perfect result, you should shave against the grain. This is the only way to obtain a smooth, shiny result.

You test it for yourself. First, shave in the same direction as your hair and then go against it on a different part of your body. Verify the results for yourself and you will likely notice a big difference.

Do Use Long Strokes When Shaving 

Using long strokes may reduce skin irritation. However, this point is only valid if you are using a razor that is specifically built for head-shaving, as these are the only razors that allow you to shave with long strokes. 

The idea behind this suggestion is that multiple strokes on the same area can easily cause skin irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hair. This is especially true when shaving a delicate part of your body, such as your scalp.

Don’t Use Post Shave Balm Intended for Your Beard on Other Parts

Many classic post-shave balms contain alcohol and are aggressive to your skin. These products may dry your skin and cause unnecessary irritation. When you use these products for other parts of your body, you may experience itchiness and a burning sensation.

Your scalp deserves something that continuously hydrates it, while your legs prefer a creamy moisturizer. The bottom line is that you should use the right products based on the body part that you plan to shave.

Don’t Use Electric Razors

Electric razors are not recommended for any part of your body. A close shave requires fresh, sharp blades that do not irritate your skin. A pair of electric clippers might get the job done, but they also tear your hair instead of smoothly cutting the hair. 

If you were to inspect your cut hair in a microscope, you would see the difference between shaving with electric razors and quality razors designed specifically for the body part that you are shaving.

Electric razors are more likely to cause irritation and discomfort. This is also the reason that many people get itchy pimples under their neck after shaving with one of these products.

Last Thoughts on Properly Shaving Your Head

These do’s and don’ts of shaving should help prevent skin irritation and reduce the risk of razor bumps and ingrown hairs. With these hassles eliminated, you can focus on the joy of shaving. When you use the right techniques, shaving really can become a fantastic ritual that you look forward to.