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There was a time when male hair loss was considered a problem but these days its just as often a source of pride.

Partly thanks to a trail blazed by on-screen hardmen like Jason Statham and Vin Diesel, the clean head has reached new heights of cool.

In some senses this is just male pattern baldness. It affects half of all British men and 40 per cent have noticeable hair loss by the time they hit 35. In fact, men in the UK experience one of the highest amounts of hair loss in Europe, and are the least likely to be bothered about it.

On the contrary, today many British men are choosing to shave their head long before their baldness has done much of the job for them, or even if they have a full head of hair.

The results speak for themselves – and a shaven head speaks with the volume turned up to full. Here’s a man who knows himself and is not afraid for others to know him. A man who’s calm, clean and in control.

It’s no coincidence that Diesel and Statham exude these qualities in their on-screen personas. These are performers who understand the power of the shaved head and it is central to the roles they play. Imagine either of them with a full head of hair – they’d be like reverse-Samsons, shorn of the power that makes them such bankable action greats.

In fact we could only find one movie in which Diesel sports a “toupe” throughout, Find Me Guilty. No, we haven’t heard of it either.

Oh, and perhaps it’s no coincidence that both are Britons (well, Diesel says his mother has English and Scots heritage, so that’s good enough for us. Check out his fantastic British accent.)

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