The Bold and the HeadBlader

Academics are confirming what we’ve always known: shorn men are viewed as more masculine, wise and intelligent

There’s a reason the toughest action stars and CEOs so often sport a clean-shaven head: it’s because they know they’re seen as the most macho man on screen, or in the boardroom.

And science has proved it: Shorn Scalps and Perceptions of Male Dominance, a study by Albert Manne of the University of Pennsylvania’s top Wharton business school, demonstrates that clean-headed men are perceived as more masculine, dominant and to have more leadership potential.

With almost half of British men hitting baldness by the time they reach 50, the findings could arrive in time for them to make an impact at work or among the ladies. Put simply, thinning hair can be viewed as a sign of weakness, while a shaved head shouts power and wisdom.

Manne took photos of 60 men with differing amounts of hair, and the results couldn’t have been more bald: clean-headed men were way out in front when considered the most powerful, authoritative and influential.

Manne told ‘I was surprised that perceptions of dominance and masculinity extended to concrete, physical characteristics such as height and strength.'

In a second study, Manne digitally altered photos of the same people and discovered that the shaven-headed versions were seen as 13 per cent more powerful and authoritative.

They were also perceived as:


  • 6 percent more confident.
  • 10 percent more masculine.
  • About an inch taller.
  • 13 percent stronger.

"The broad takeaway is that perceptions about leadership and related traits like dominance can emerge from peculiar characteristics that aren't really related to leadership at all," Mannes wrote on the Wharton blog.

This research was preceded by a study from the University of Saarland that noted shaven headed men – but note, only men with fully shaved heads, not bald patches – were seen as wiser and more intelligent.

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