The benefits of exfoliating your shaved head

Have you been shaving your head recently? Did you know that an exfoliator can improve your shave?

Head shaving is one of the best experiences a man can try, not only it strengthens your ego, it also is a very fashionable way to be up to date and in many cases, it's the best option you have of taking control of Alopecia or any genetical hair loss, but are you doing it the right way?

Everybody is aware of HeadBlades award winning head razors and creams that have simplified the job like never before, but there's one step that lots of people still ignore but that is essential in order to gain the perfect shave. The usage of an Exfoliating scrub.

It's job is to remove the dead skin from the scalp, providing better access to the skin for the razor.

While blades also have an exfoliating effect on shaved areas, this definitely has a positive effect but it's not enough since they only remove some skin flakes without actually peeling the layer of dead cells.

Another benefit of using an exfoliating cream on your scalp before shaving is that the exfoliating process softens and loosens the hairs, resulting in a closer, smoother and more comfortable shave.

Once the dead cells are removed, you are also reducing the risk of ingrown hairs since the hairs won't find any barriers during their growth.


There are a number of exfoliators available for sale. Some people use certain types of salts, some add crushed nut shells in creams, while others simply use one product  for their face, body and head.

As long as it doesn't harm your scalp, any exfoliator will do the job, but in case you want the most appreciated head exfoliator, you should try HeadBlade's HeadShed, a product with the right roughness for a deep and functional scrub.

Do it before every shave and you'll immediately feel the benefits.