The bare, the beard, the HeadBlade

It’s no coincidence that Travis Fimmel’s uber-Viking Ragnar Lothbrock in hit TV series Vikings is at his most formidable when he’s gone full head shave and beard – it’s a look that’s exuded macho and wooed maidens since Norsemen shaved their skulls with the edge of a flint, when they weren’t cracking their enemies’ heads open and using them as tankards (skol!).


Fortunately things have moved on a bit since then, culminating in our world-beating HeadBlade – a product Ragnar would certainly have wanted to invade England to get his hands on now it is available in the UK – but that shaved head and beard look is still a winner.

It’s one of life ironies (actually, probably something to do with testosterone) that men who shave their head because they’re going bald are often blessed with thick and fulsome facial hair. So if you’re wondering what to do to complement your newly HeadBladed look, going full Ragnar could be the way forward.

A beard can offer a balance to your look, and it certainly emphasises your virility. There’s simply nothing less masculine than a big bushy beard and clean head.

It can also draw attention down from your head. Not that you don’t want to show off your clean-shaven look, but it can pull down the eye and draw out your individuality.

Of course, you don’t have to go full bushy. Stars like Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, and Patrick Stewart have all flirted with beards, stubble and goatees over the years, while even a moustache can add a touch of novelty down below (although you might not want to take that too literally).


Fortunately at HeadBlade we understand a shaven head is not the end, it’s just the beginning. We are also providing the British HeadBlader with a range of accessories that will help you shape your look so wherever you take inspiration from, you will always look your best – bare or beard.