Take Care of Your Bald Head with the Best Post-Shave Moisturizer

You cannot achieve the perfect head-shaving experience if you do not hydrate your scalp after shaving all the hair off. We have seen many people use an aftershave and then complain that their heads seem to be on fire. Others may use a gentle hydrating cream that clogs the pores while some people completely skip the moisturizing step.

Moisturizing Protects Your Scalp

If you want to really enjoy a cleanly-shaven head and avoid the potential drawbacks, you should use a specifically formulated moisturizer to hydrate your scalp.

HeadLube is a post-shave moisturizer developed by HeadBlade and used by millions of head-shavers worldwide. It does not clog pores or contain perfumes and dyes. This hydratant product includes shea butter and tea tree oil so you only provide your scalp with the very best ingredients.

Choose Matte or Glossy Lubrication

HeadLube is available in matte and glossy variations. The matte moisturizing product provides an opaque finish while the glossy helps give you a shiny dome.

Moisturizing your scalp after shaving is a necessary step for protecting your skin. It helps prevent dryness and dandruff and reduces irritation from shaving. If you want the best for your head, do not skip this important step. Use a specifically-formulated product to help hydrate your scalp.