Some facts about shaving habits in the UK

1. There's an incredible amount of beard razors and only one head shaving brand.

Everybody probably only knows the market leader that thanks to it's excellent products has gained international popularity, but there are many other very good shaving products that are in many cases not available in the UK.

There's only one shaving company producing razors specifically designed for head shaving that has become the world leader in headcare thanks to its product lineup and in particular to its latest rproducts that have been developed and updated by listening to long term head shavers requests.

2. Men under 24 are less likely to buy shaving products.

Shaving usually becomes the norm when you hit your mid 20s and start your career. Before that, it's just an occasional practice.

3. More men are growing beards.

As many have noticed, there are many more beards around these days. You can see them all over the UK and thanks to the many new brands specialized in beard grooming, there's an incredible amount of quality products for a nice and healthy beard.

Many have a long curated beard with a shaved head. It's the fashion and it's beautiful.

4. Many women like mens facial hair.

According to a small research, 45% of the interviewed women preferred a man with smooth chicks while 55% opted for a nice well kept bearded face. Times are changing.

5. Head shaving is becoming a daily routine in the UK.

While the past has seen an increase of hair restoration procedures, some functional and others fictional. These days most men don't seem to be worried about hair loss like in the past. Bald heads have become cool and the new equipment available has made the job easy as never before.

6. Electric shavers use is in decline.

Electric shavers allow you to shave faster, but they don't always guarantee a close shave and even though some of the modern products have become very efficient in doing their job, more and more men have now passed to the wet shave world.

7. Many women started shaving their head just for fashion.

While we're all aware of the growing amount of men with shaved heads, it's not rare to see women that have made the same decision.

Just have a walk through the streets of London and you will notice tens of beautiful ladies with a smooth shaved head. A fashion that doesn't seem to slow down.

8. Head Shaving is the best cure for alopecia.

Those times when they used to show adverts of a new special cure for hair loss, have finally ended. Nowadays British men prefer solving the problem the right way.