Should You Still Use Shampoo and Conditioner with a Bald Head?

Head shaving is a great way to deal with hair loss. The bald look is also currently a common trend in the UK. While shaving your scalp is not overly complicated, there are a few details that may cause a little confusion. 

For example, after shaving your head, you may wonder whether you still need to use shampoo and conditioner. 

Conditioner Helps Condition Your Hair

Shampoo and conditioner are designed for different purposes. You put both products in your hair. However, the shampoo is mostly used to treat your scalp while the conditioner helps to condition your hair. 

The lack of hair doesn’t keep some guys from continuing to use conditioner. They claim that it helps moisturise the scalp. While it may provide some moisturising benefits, there are other ways to keep your scalp moisturised. 

After using a head shaving razor, you shouldn’t need to continue using a conditioner. There is no need to condition hair that isn’t there. However, you may need to apply a post-shave moisturiser to help prevent dry flakes.

Shampoo May Help Prevent Dry Skin

Shampoo helps cleanse your scalp and keep it hydrated. When you start shaving your head, there are products that you can use to gain the same benefits. 

Shaving dries the skin, which is why most people use pre-shave lubricants and post-shave moisturisers. However, if you suffer from dandruff or dry scalp, using a little bit of shampoo while you shower may help. 

Without hair, you don’t need as much shampoo to hydrate your scalp. Apply a small dab, and massage it into your scalp before rinsing. Along with keeping your scalp hydrated, the shampoo may help prevent the build-up of oils that may lead to oily skin or inflammation, causing dandruff or ingrown hairs.

Should You Use Shampoo or Conditioner?

The bottom line is that shampoo is for your scalp, and conditioner is for your hair. After using a head shaving razor, you may not need to continue using the conditioner. In fact, if you use a quality pre-shave cream and post-shave moisturiser, you may not need to use a shampoo, either.

If you want to eliminate the need for shampoos and conditioners after shaving your head, try using the HeadBlade creams. Use HeadSlick Shave Cream before shaving and HeadLube Post-Shave Moisturiser after shaving.

The only reason for continuing to use shampoo after shaving your head is to help treat dandruff or dry scalp when the shaving cream and moisturiser are not enough.