Should I shave my head if I am going bald?

If you’re asking the question, you probably already know the answer

A thinning head of hair, a receding hairline – for many men it’s much more complicated than that. Some mistakenly believe it signals a lack of virility (although studies indicate quite the opposite), and there’s no denying it can be a sign of age, although since it can hit guys in their twenties while Ronald Reagan had a full head of hair into his dotage, you should take that with a pinch of salt. Sure – time is moving on, but so is the smart phone.

Still, if the signs are beginning to show and you’re asking when should I consider shaving my head then a good point would be when that widow’s peak is starting to look more like a precipice. Or the first time you consider a comb over. Or you’re thinning to the extent that your scalp is clearly visible through those painfully cultivated surviving follicles. In short – because to do otherwise implies you’re fighting a losing battle. 

The irony is that a shaved head screams the opposite – studies have demonstrated the benefits of shaving your head. A shaved head says here is a decisive man, wise, a leader. A University of Pennsylvania study demonstrated that shaven-headed men were regarded as 10 per cent more masculine, 13 per cent stronger, and about an inch taller. That’s why many leading CEOs like the heads of Amazon and Goldman Sacks have chosen to shave their heads. Can you imagine these men with a comb over? That’s why today’s leading action stars, from Vin Diesel to Britain’s own Jason Statham are head shavers, a trail blazed by another Englishman – Patrick Stewart as Star Trek’s Jean-Luc Picard (alright, he sounds like a Frenchman, but there was no one more British!).

Of course, when you do decide to take the plunge, there’s a fair amount of debate about how to go about it. We explore this is in our article The Great Wet & Dry Shave Debate, but we didn’t develop HeadBlade just because we had a rainy Sunday with nothing to do. We’ve already had the debate for you, which is why we developed the HeadBlade range specifically for shaving the head. Electric shavers left – sometimes irritating – stubble, while conventional razors didn’t cut it (well, sometimes they left nicks and ingrown hairs, along with simply being awkward to use).

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