Should I Shave My Head Before, During, or After a Shower?

Shaving your head is not just another random task. It is a magical moment. It is something that makes a man feel better.

Shaving your head can become a fantastic ritual that you look forward to each day. However, many guys do not know whether they should shave before, during, or after they take a shower.

Quality Razors Offer a Better Experience

Over the years, the head-shaving industry has evolved impressively. There are now dedicated pre-shave creams that allow your blades to glide effortlessly over your head. There are also post-shave balms that keep your scalp perfectly hydrated. However, the most important evolution in the head-shaving industry was the introduction of razors built specifically for shaving the head.


These new head-shaving razors have seen an evolution like no other. In the past, you were forced to use a standard shaving stick on your head, unless you wanted to continuously visit the barber. You can now find a variety of quality razors that allow you to easily shave your head.

Advantages of Shaving in the Shower

The development of quality head-shaving razors has also brought new shaving habits, like shaving in the shower. Compared to shaving before or after your shower, shaving in the shower offers a few advantages.

When you shave in the shower, the hot water and steam help your skin remain elastic. Your pores open, and your hair feels softer. These details allow the blades to cut and glide without friction.

The only potential drawback to shaving in the shower is that you may need to shave without using a mirror. While there are some anti-fog mirrors available, you cannot completely rely on these mirrors. Make sure that you know what you are doing, or the best shaving experience may become a nightmare.

Last Thoughts on Shaving in the Shower

As you may have noticed, the pros and cons of shaving before and after taking a shower were not really discussed. We all agree that shaving in the shower is the best option. While there is no comparison between the other methods, we want to make sure that you are ready for the experience.

When you shave your head in the shower, you need to use extra caution, especially the first few times. You need to be careful to avoid cutting yourself, as you may not have access to a mirror. There have been many stories of people cutting their heads in hot showers.

The bottom line is that shaving in the shower offers the most comfort and reduces the risk of razor bumps and skin irritation. However, do not forget to still use your preferred pre-shave cream. It is an essential part of the head-shaving ritual.