Shaved Heads – Past and Present of How Shaved Heads Are Perceived

In the modern world, we tend to think of guys with shaved heads as being tough, masculine, and confident. However, attitudes on various topics tend to change over time. 

While we may feel a certain way about guys with bald heads today, have people always felt this way?

What Did People Think of Shaved Heads in the Past?

Nowadays, people do not react negatively to guys with bald heads. In the past, a receding hairline or bald head meant old age. 

Having a full head of hair, hairy arms, and a hairy chest were signs of masculinity and virility. Hundreds of years ago, a younger man with a bald head may have been considered ill or diseased. Luckily, times have changed. 

When Did Shaving Your Head Become More Common?

Shaved heads became more commonplace during the early parts of the twentieth century. Dating back to ancient times, it was common in certain civilizations for men in the military to shave their heads. This practice became standard in many militaries during the World Wars.

While shaved heads became more common, the hairstyle was still considered lower class. People often associated bald heads with dock workers, prisoners, and soldiers.

When Did Having a Bald Head Start to Become Cool?

There are many differences of opinion when attitudes about bald heads started to change. A lot of people will agree that Bruce Willis was one of the first major celebrities to start sporting a shaved head that looked cool. 

Another star that helped change perceptions about bald heads was Sir Patrick Stewart. The starship captain proved that older, bald men can be just as masculine and sexy as the younger guys.

What Do People Think of Shaved Heads Now?

The consensus today is that a bald head is cool. It is a common hairstyle choice. No one thinks twice when they see a guy walk into a room with a shaved head. In fact, there have been several studies that explored the way people perceive guys with bald heads. In these tests, people did not find bald guys any less attractive. However, people did find bald guys more dominant and masculine.

The bottom line is that people do not respond negatively to bald guys. While it may have been rare to see a guy with a shaved head hundreds of years ago, people are much more accepting nowadays. 

If you are worried about your receding hairline, consider shaving it all off. Shaving your head can be a freeing experience and puts you in the same group as Patrick Stewart and Jason Statham.