Men Who Look Better with a Shaved Head

There are so many famous bald people. These guys look much better with a shaved head. In fact, we can hardly remember when some of them had hair.
Some of them have become more famous since they adopted the bald look. Look at “The Rock,” Bruce Willis, or Jason Statham. Can you even imagine them with a full head of hair? Would they look as tough or sexy as they do now? We doubt it.
Check out some of the most popular men that have shot to fame with a shaved head:
Andre Agassi
We all remember Andre Agassi and his long hair when he used to be the world’s best tennis player. However, his shaved head also made quite the statement. 

Now that he’s near 50-years old and still rocking the shaved head, he still looks remarkably younger. While he probably continues to be active, his shaved head obviously contributes to his younger appearance.
Bryan Cranston 
Have you been watching “Breaking Bad,” the television show? Even if you have not watched it, you have probably seen this bald American actor. The fact is that Bryan Cranston is not bald. He just shaved his head for the role. 

While the character had cancer, the shaved head also made him look tougher, younger, and cooler. In fact, when he went to the Berlin Film Festival recently with his natural hair back, no one seemed to recognize him. He also looked much older, proving how wonderful head-shaving is.
Al Murray

Al Murray is an English comedian that had some hair with a slightly receding hairline for most of his career. However, don’t you think that he looks much better with a bald dome? We do!
Sir Ben Kingsley

The Indian-born, British actor Ben Kingsley seems to have lost at least 10 years off his appearance since shaving his head. His testosterone seems to have reached new levels, too!
Sir Patrick Stewart


The legendary British actor Patrick Stewart has always had an enormous amount of class and elegance. However, he has become even more attractive since he started the bald lifestyle.
Brad Pitt
Ok, Brad Pitt has never really shaved his hair off completely. The closest he came was for the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Anyway, we think he would look even better with a shaved head. Plus, that long hair that he is growing seems to make him look outdated. It reminds us of the 1980s.
Sigourney Weaver
Men are not the only ones that look cool in a shaved head. American actress Sigourney Weaver is proof that women can also take advantage of this rejuvenating trend.
Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis is probably one of the best examples of how a shaved head can make you look tough, young, and cool. By the way, did you know he is 63-years old and still making action movies?
Yul Brynner
Yul Brynner is recognizable for his shaved head. He is an actor that built his career in many western films, thanks to his distinct look with a shaved head. 
Heston Blumenthal
Heston Blumenthal is one of the only TV personalities to go from a smart, bald style to a hairy redhead. We prefer his older look with a shaved head.
Daniel Radcliffe
Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has gone from magic to tough with his new look. Okay, he did not choose to shave his head as a fashion statement. He shaved his head for a role, as he had to appear as a tough guy from the FBI. Anyway, we think he doesn’t look bad.

These are just a few examples of famous people that look great with a shaved head. If you are hesitating to shave your hair, take another look at these tough, cool-looking actors.