Male Grooming in the UK Now Includes Total Body Shaving

In the past, male grooming meant keeping your whiskers trimmed. However, many guys are now trimming more than the stubble on their faces.

Instead of just shaving the beard, the latest style is to shave everything. Total body shaving is becoming more popular for men of all ages due to its comfort and convenience.

Do Guys Really Shave Their Total Bodies?

Shaving body hair is not something that many guys are comfortable with. Hairy chests, arms, and legs have long been considered signs of masculinity. However, these gender norms have been getting peeled away more frequently lately.

Not long ago, the only men that you’d meet who completely shaved their bodies were professional swimmers. It has now become a bit of a trend among the younger generations.

Advantages of Shaving Your Total Body

Why would a man want to shave his entire body? As mentioned, it’s helpful for swimmers. Shaving your body hair may increase your stroke distance by up to 5%. Bodybuilders also commonly shave their bodies to help show off the contours of their bulging muscles.

Some guys claim that shaving their body hair is more hygienic. If you’ve got a lot of body hair, the excess hair may trap heat, causing you to sweat more frequently. When you get rid of the hair under your armpits and on your chest, legs, and arms, you may feel cleaner, fresher, and less sweaty.

Another reason to shave is simply for appearances. Some people prefer a significant other with no body hair. Whether your partner is a man or a woman, he or she may enjoy the smooth look.

Do You Want to Try Shaving Your Body Hair?

If you want to test the hairless look for yourself, you should ditch your traditional razor. A regular razor doesn’t easily adapt to the curves of your body. Whether you’re shaving your head, legs, or chest, you may end up with nicks and cuts.

The HeadBlade series of razors offers the perfect solution. These razors, including the ATX and MOTO, are compact and feature a unique handle that gives users more control over the shaving process. While these razors were originally marketed for head shaving, they can be used everywhere else on your body.

Depending on the amount of hair you’ve got on your body, you may also want to trim it down before shaving with the razor. This will keep the blades from getting clogged with hairs and shaving cream during your first shave.