Is a Shaved Head the Latest Fashion in the UK?

There is a new trend in the UK. You may have seen it trending on social media under the hashtag #baldbychoice. This means shaving your head even though you still have all your hair. 

People are choosing to shave their heads, not as a solution to hair loss, but as a real hairstyle. Guys are not the only ones getting in on this trend. There are also many women that are enjoying the sleek look of a shaved head.

Women Are Embracing the Bald Look

Years ago, you would have had trouble remembering the last time you saw a female celebrity with a shaved head. For most people, the only name that comes to mind is Sinead O’Connor. 

Over the years, various female celebrities have shaved their heads for movie roles or to gain some publicity. However, it is becoming a more common sight on the red carpets in recent years. 

Women are feeling more empowered in the past few years to adopt whatever style they want. The shaved head is just one example of this. 

People Still Find Bald Guys Masculine 

While more women are choosing to be bald by choice, the perceptions of guys with bald heads remain the same. People often find that bald guys appear more masculine. When you think of a tough guy, you most likely picture a big guy with a bald head and a leather jacket. 

Bald does not have to equal tough and masculine. You can still choose to be bald by choice and maintain a professional image. In fact, a clean-cut head pairs well with a slick suit. 

Should You Shave Your Head?

Choosing to shave your head is not the biggest decision in your life. However, the idea can be scary, especially if you have never shaved your head before. 

With bald being a fashion trend, you do not need to worry about what other people will think of your bald head. The only thing that may be stopping you is fear of what you may discover underneath. Do not let that hold you back. 

Everyone should shave their head at least once their life to see what their head looks like without hair. You may find that you have a perfectly-shaped dome and look great without your hair. While the choice is yours, plenty of other people have already joined the trend and shaved off their hair. If you want to join the fun, then it is time to be bald by choice.