Should I shave my head?

When you first notice the signs of balding, there are ways to attempt to hide the changes. You may start combing your hair differently or wear a hat. However, these solutions are not permanent. Eventually, you will need to face the fact that you are losing your hair.

Shaving Your Head Is Your Choice

By shaving your head now, you can let people think that your shaved head is a conscious choice. You do not need to slowly watch as your hair gets thinner and the bald spot grows larger. When you take matters into your own hands, you never have to see what your partially bald head looks like and neither do your co-workers or family.

Getting Rid of the Hair Is Convenient

If you are still on the fence about holding onto your thinning hair, you should understand the advantages of shaving your head. Getting rid of your hair is convenient. There is no more combing your hair, styling it, or visiting the barber. You also save money by skipping the barber and expensive hair growth products that do not really work.

You Still Have Other Hair to Grow

While you may dread the idea of shaving your head, remember that you may still have other hair to grow. You can still accessorise your face with a beard or moustache. Your facial hair provides a way to balance the changes to the top of your head.

The final decision of whether you should shave your head is your own choice. However, deciding to let go of the hair is often a freeing experience. You no longer need to worry about how your hair looks or combing it a certain way to hide a bald spot. No matter where you are or how your day is going, your bald head remains the same.