How to shave your head

There's an exponential growth of bald people around these days. Most of them shave for a well known reason; take control of hair loss. But there are many that shave their head just for fashion.

That said, for the ones that have never done it before, the simplest way is to proceed is by going to the barber, even though this means wasting a lot of time and spending much more (remember that you head will need a complete shave every two/three days if you want to keep it that way).

But this might have been your only option in the past when your only other option was to shave it with a conventional razor while hoping not to cut your head. This was a very risky and time consuming procedure that delivered lots of ingrown hairs.

Today, things have changed and the process is much simpler, with purposely made head shaving creams, exfoliating scrubs and post-shave balms developed exclusively for the head. But what has really allowed millions of people from around the world to shave their heads by themselves without the numerous risks that had kept them away, is the development of head shaving razors. A real blessing for head shavers including British ones.


A perfect shave can be obtained very easily, here's what you will need:

- electric clipper (if your hair is longer than 7/8mm)

- shaving cream (that doesn't dry your skin)

- head razor (there are different models available in the UK, all made by HeadBlade)

- Post shave balm

- And of course a sink with some water


And once you have the required products you can proceed following these 5 steps:

1- Make sure your hair is trimmed to stubble (5mm). As for beards, the shorter, the better, so in case you have long hair, use an electric clipper at it's minimum length, then rinse your head.

We've tried many products and we think the best ones are made by Wahl, but you can use whatever clipper you have.

2- The first real step in head shaving, is softening your hair and scalp with warm water. This can be done by placing a wet towel over your head for a couple of minutes, but if you want to keep things simple, just wet your head using your hands while massaging your scalp. It helps the blades in the slicing process.

3- Add a creamy gentle and non pressurized pre-shave cream on your head. Just the right amount since you will have to be able to see where the blades are cutting, so it's not the case to use those ultra rich creamy products.

The best option is using HeadSlick, but in case you prefer using the same cream used for your beard, make sure it doesn't dry your scalp.

4- Buy a head razor, preferably a HeadBlade ATX or a MOTO (the two absolute best head shaving razors in the world) and shave it off effortlessly. Not only are these the easiest razors you can use for a close and secure shave, they will also allow you to do the job in a very short time once you'll feel confident.


Avoid using conventional razors since many of them cut your hair in a way that once it retracts, it goes under the surface of your skin and cannot find it's way out. While this isn't a problem when shaving a beard thanks to it's softness and to the fact that it's a continuosly moving part, it often causes irritation and ingrown hairs on your head.

5- Wash your head, make sure you've shaved it all with the help of your fingers, then apply a post-shave balm.

It is very important at this point that you are sure the product doesn't contain alcohol and it is gentle with your skin. A gentle hydrating cream or a baby oil will be fine, but if you're willing to use a purposely made cream, use HeadLube and choose between a Matte or a Glossy finish.

There are many different thoughts about head shaving, some prefer one single pass against the grain, while others shave the same area twice, the first one with the grain and the second one against, but we've also heard of people only shaving once with the grain (it just seems incomplete to me).

There's no correct or incorrect method, the best thing is to try and see what suits you best but keep in mind that shaving against the grain delivers the closest results while the opposite is less irritating. And don't forget to use the right products; one thing is shaving a tough beard, another one is shaving hair on your delicate scalp.

This whole procedure might appear time consuming and at the beginning it probably is, but once you'll have the right confidence, you will be able to shave in less than 3-4 minutes even while showering when you feel that the mirror isn't necessary anymore. And if you want to perfection you experience to a higher level add an exfoliator between the points 2 and 3. Here's an article on the benefits of using an exfoliator.

Have a nice shave.