How to Keep Your Shaved Head in Great Shape

Something that all men with shaved heads have in common is that once you get used to your new look, your life seems much easier. You do not need to deal with bad haircuts or combing your hair in the morning.

For many men, the decision to shave their heads comes after years of trying to salvage their thinning hairlines. After dealing with lots of stress and depression, deciding to shave it off seems like you have finally won a battle and regained control of your life.

However, there is more to consider than just shaving your head. You also need to protect your scalp. While the big part is out of the way, the following tips will help you keep your scalp healthy.


1. Do Not Use a Conventional Razor

The first tip for preventing irritation and keeping your scalp healthy is to use a razor designed specifically for head-shaving. While most men have at least one razor in their cabinet, these razors are built for shaving beards. Your scalp is much more delicate and deserves a razor intended for shaving heads.

If you are not lucky enough to live in the UK where head-shaving razors are readily available, make sure that your conventional razor does not have rigid blades. You need flexibility when shaving behind your ears and around the curves of your head. Be careful to avoid placing too much pressure on the blades as this can cause ingrown hairs.

If you do decide to purchase a razor designed for head-shaving, choose a HeadBlade razor. They are the most-recommended razors in the world thanks to their comfort and ease of use for shaving the scalp.




2. Continue Using Your Preferred Shampoo

You should continue to use your regular shampoo. While you may shave your head regularly, you still have tiny hairs on your scalp that will pop up and collect oil and dirt. Either continue using your preferred shampoo, or make sure that you shave your head each day.

3. Make Sure That Your Shaving Cream Does Not Dry Your Scalp

As stated before, head-shaving is a delicate task and requires special attention. One of the most common mistakes that first-time shavers make is using pressurized shaving cream.

While these products might work for your beard, they are harmful to your scalp. Pressurized shaving creams dry your skin like no other product. A dry scalp means ingrown hairs, bumps, and pain. If you want to protect your scalp from these issues, use non-pressurized shaving cream to protect your scalp from dryness.

4. Keep Your Scalp Hydrated

After shaving your head, you should use a product designed to keep your scalp hydrated. Using a moisturizer will help prevent issues that are related to dry skin, such as skin irritation and ingrown hairs. You can also drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and keep your scalp from getting dried out.

5. Protect Your Head from the Cold and From the Sun

Extreme cold and heat are harmful to your scalp as they dry your skin. This makes your skin look rough and ages your appearance. You should protect your head from the cold and from the sun. Wear a beanie in the winter and use sunscreen or sunblock lotion in the summer.

6. Massage Your Bald Scalp

A scalp massage promotes blood flow and stimulates hair growth. In addition, it feels amazing. The improved blood circulation may also help reduce irritation from shaving your head.

7. Remember to Exfoliate 

Using a scrub to exfoliate your skin is an essential part of maintaining the health of your scalp. Try shaving your head after using an exfoliator, and you will notice a big difference.

Exfoliating your scalp helps remove dead skin cells and smooths the entire surface. This allows the blades of the razor to effortlessly glide over your head, reducing friction when you shave. The reduction in friction provides a smoother shave, reducing the risk of irritation, razor bumps, and redness.

If you can remember to occasionally exfoliate your skin before shaving, you will eventually make a habit out of it. 

8. Be Proud

Ok, this last point is intended as inspiration. While we haven’t really studied this, it seems to help in our daily routines. You should be proud of your shaved head, and embrace your baldness.

Keeping your shaved head in great shape should not be a major challenge. Use these tips to protect your scalp from unnecessary damage and keep it hydrated.