How to Deal with the Cold British Winter with a Shaved Head

While you may enjoy having a bald, shiny head during the warmer months, British winters may make you rethink your decision. Without any hair, you can feel the cold air across your entire scalp. Luckily, there are many ways to stay warm without needing to let your hair grow back.

Protect Your Skin with the Right Razor

One way to deal with the cold British winters is to ensure that you are using the right razor. The cold air can irritate your skin if you have razor bumps or redness due to shaving. 

Instead of the standard T-shaped razors that are intended for shaving beards and legs, you should look for a razor that is specifically built for head shaving.

You may also want to wait a little while before venturing outside right after shaving. Give the skin on your head a few minutes to cool before exposing it to the elements. 

Protect Your Head with a Hat or Beanie

The next solution is to protect your head with a hat or beanie. As you have a shaved head, you don’t need to worry about the hat messing up your hair. 

When the air outside is freezing, you should dress for the weather. Bundle up properly with a coat, gloves, scarf, and hat. If your coat has a hood, put it up.  

Wearing a hat is a great way to stay warm. However, according to our team and our followers, most people don’t mind the colder air on their heads. In fact, some of us enjoy the sensation of cold air on the scalp. 

I’m not a hat lover, so I only wear a hat when I am forced to by extremely cold temperatures. As London does not really get exceptionally cold, we don’t think there is anything wrong with keeping your head shaved year-round. However, everyone has a different opinion. Let us know how you deal with the colder temperatures.