How to Choose the Right Head Shaving Cream Product

When you choose to shave your scalp, one of the first things that you need to consider is the type of shaving cream you should use. There are hundreds of different products to compare, making it difficult to find the best solution.

Inferior Products May Cause Irritation

You have many products to choose from along with different methods of application. Some products are solid soaps that require a shaving brush while others are canned with smart propellants. There are also latherless and oily products.

Many of these products are fine for your beard. However, they may not offer the same results on your head. In fact, they often cause irritation and dry skin. This is especially true with canned products as the propellant may dry the skin.

Artificial lubricants also dry the skin. These products tend to use petroleum-based lubricants, which displaces water and causes more dryness.

Test Products on Your Beard First

While there are many products that may cause irritation, there are also many suitable options. Before trying a product on your head, you should make sure that it does not contain chemicals or ingredients that may dry your scalp and irritate your skin.

A good way to test a product is to use it on your beard first. If it dries quickly and you experience dry skin, do not use the product on your scalp.

Go for the top choice.

If you don't want to spend time searching for the best product, you are in luck. HeadBlade has formulated the perfect product for the job.

The HeadSlick took years to develop but the results are exceptional. This pre-shave cream includes special lubricants that allow the blades to glide effortlessly along your scalp. It is a water-soluble product so the blades rinse easily. It also contains menthol to offer a cool, refreshing sensation after you finish shaving.

If you want a close, comfortable shave, consider using the right product: the specially-formulated pre-shave cream.