How Do the ATX and MOTO Compare to Previous Razors?

HeadBlade first started producing high-quality head-shaving razors in 1999. Before these razors were released, people had to do their best with the products that were available at the time. Basically, they had to shave their heads with razors intended for shaving beards.

You could buy the most expensive razor available with the most technologically-advanced design and still get an uncomfortable, dangerous shave. Fortunately, a small company located in California started creating what would soon become the world leader in head care.

A Wide Range of Quality Head-Shaving Products

HeadBlade has gone on to create a wide selection of quality head-shaving products. Their first release was the HeadBlade Classic. This razor was based on a new, innovative design that made it easier to shave every centimetre of your head with the least amount of effort.

The next product was the HeadBlade Sport. The Sport is basically the same as the Classic with the addition of wheels. The latest generation of shavers includes the ATX and the MOTO. Many customers who have tried these latest products believe that they provide the perfect head-shaving experience.

How did HeadBlade manage to accomplish such a result and how do these razors compare to the previous generation?

The Latest Razors Include Customer Suggestions

One of the biggest factors that led to the success of these products is the commitment of this company to their customers. They continue to listen to the thousands of customers. HeadBlade pays attention to their opinions and suggestions when designing and updating their razors.

The customers are essentially expert testers who provide continuous feedback on how to improve these products. HeadBlade uses these precious suggestions and incorporates them in each new product.

You can see an example of this in the two latest razors. The ATX and the MOTO include many of the updates suggested by head shavers from all over the world.

The previous models had their blades attached in the front and did not have an active suspension system. While these previous razors still provided a better shave than a traditional razor, the design was not yet perfected.

The earlier razors also had a finger ring made of plastic. The Sport also had simple wheels that were not as effective as they could be. These early razors did feel stable and secure compared to conventional razors. However, the improvements added to the latest razors provide a major difference.

The ATX and MOTO Place the Blades in the Rear

As mentioned, the earlier razors had front-facing blades. Placing the cartridges at the back of the razor’s body is one of the biggest differences from the earlier products. From the ATX onwards, the HeadBlade razors feature this newer design.

The advantage of the back-fitted razor is that you do not need to push the blades over your scalp. Instead of pushing, you are pulling. This provides better control and a lot more comfort through the whole head-shaving process.

The ATX and MOTO Razors Allow More Blades

Another change that has helped improve the quality of these products is the use of larger blade cartridges. While the previous razors only used three-blade cartridges, the new generation of razors can fit four-blade (HB4) and six-blade (HB6) cartridges.

These cartridges are purposely built for head shaving. When you have more blades, you do not need to perform as many passes over your scalp. This naturally reduces skin irritation, redness, and razor bumps. If you have sensitive skin, you will appreciate these latest changes.

Compare the ATX and MOTO Head Razors for Yourself

The ATX was introduced in 2012 and quickly became the best choice for first-time head shavers. It features a simple design and is easy to use. The ATX provided the perfect solution for head shavers and it seemed impossible to improve the design. It had everything that a head shaver needed.

Using the feedback and suggestions from thousands of customers, HeadBlade managed to improve the design. The MOTO confirms that the impossible is sometimes possible.

If you want the ultimate product for shaving your head, check out the differences between the best-selling razors from HeadBlade. Although many long-term HeadBladers are still using some of the previous razors, most customers have moved on to the better-performing ATX and MOTO.