HeadBlade arrives in the United Kingdom

HeadBlade launches it's official British distribution ecommerce.


A company that started producing razors purposely built for head shaving in 1999 when the only options where adapting yourself by using conventional razor with all it's dangers and time consuming, or continuosly going to a barber, those were the days when bald men had a tough time in keeping their head shaved without cuts and scars.

After almost 20 years of head shaving, with millions of satisfied customers and becoming available in all major stores in the US, HeadBlade has become the worlds leader in headcare due to the fact that it's razors have been continuosly perfectioned by listening to head shavers advice and requests, and now it has finally opened an official British distribution and sales channel, plus the UK will be the first country outside of the United States to also have some comfortable subscription plans.
The whole HeadBlade range is available for British customers and our warehouse is located in Coalville, Leichestershire, a strategic location in order to have an express shipping (24hrs) to all major Cities, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Edinburg, Manchester, Bristol, and so on..
 We have partnered with a mind blowing fulfilment center and have setup an flashy customer support with a dedicated phone No. and email, for all your needs and requests since customer satisfaction is our priority.
Our British customers can also follow us through our Facebook page, Instagram, Google+ page, Twitter account and our updated blog, plus we have a dedicated HeadBlade UK mailing list for keeping in touch effortlessly.


HeadBlade UK will be active in supporting some British Charities with some dedicated events, just keep in touch in order to help us support the cause.