Head Shaving – Should You Shave with or Against the Grain?

Shaving with the grain versus shaving against the grain is an old debate with no winner. Some people prefer shaving in the same direction that the hair grows, while others prefer to shave against it.

Whichever option you prefer, you may find that you get different results when shaving your head compared to shaving your face. The hair on your scalp is often finer, especially if you’re experiencing hair loss. 

Advantages of Shaving with the Grain

The main benefit of shaving with the grain using a head shaving razor is to reduce irritation. There is less friction and pull when you shave in this direction. Instead of pulling on the hairs, the blade trims the hairs. People with extremely sensitive skin may find that shaving with the grain produces less irritation and redness. 

Shaving with the grain may also help prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs, as there is less pressure on the hair and your skin. However, some people have an opposite experience. If you notice ingrown hairs after shaving with the grain, try shaving against the grain for several weeks.

Advantages of Shaving Against the Grain

Shaving against the grain also provides a few advantages compared to shaving with the grain. When you shave against the direction of hair growth, you can get a closer head shave. 

The blades can reach closer to the scalp, lifting and cutting the hair closer to the root. The result is a smoother shave, which may require you to shave less frequently. For example, instead of needing to shave daily, you may only need to shave once every two or three days to maintain a clean, bald look.

The only drawback to shaving against the grain is skin irritation. Those with sensitive skin may experience more redness and discomfort. However, this depends on your skin type. 

Which Shaving Method Should You Choose?

The primary differences between shaving with or against the grain include the closeness and gentleness of the shave. Shaving with the grain is often gentler but doesn’t allow for as close of a head shave. You may need to shave more frequently to prevent stubble from appearing on your scalp.

Shaving against the grain may be a little rougher, but it allows for the closest head shave. If you don’t have sensitive skin, you should first try shaving against the grain. 

Whichever option you choose, stick with it for several weeks. It may take a while for your skin and hair to adapt to this new experience. 

You should also consider using quality products to reduce the occurrence of skin irritation, dry scalp, and razor bumps. Whether you shave with or against the grain, apply pre-shave creams and post-shave moisturiser from HeadBlade to protect and hydrate your scalp.