Goodbye California dreamin, hello HeadBlade UK

Direct from California, home of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, the Beach Boys and Beck, Apple computers, blue jeans, WD 40 and the Hula Hoop, arrives another innovation to rock your world.

HeadBlade’s legendary head razor, US market leader since1999, has finally arrived in the UK.

HeadBlade’s razors are designed exclusively to provide the cleanest, freshest and safest head shave available in Britain today.

With a range of razors perfected over almost 20 years, HeadBlade is quite simply the product British head shavers have been waiting for. Say goodbye to that dirty, unfinished feel from electric razors, the cuts and tufts and difficult to reach spots left by traditional face razors. You can finally have that fantastic HeadBlade experience enjoyed by your cousins across the Pond.

The United Kingdom is the first country outside the US that will be able to enjoy the unique HeadBlade subscription service. HeadBlade UK will be able to deliver across the country within 24 hours thanks to its headquarters in Leicestershire, England.

HeadBlade’s customer support centre with a dedicated phone number and email support [at] is geared to respond to all enquiries promptly. HeadBlade didn’t get to number one in the States without ensuring customer satisfaction was its number one priority.

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