Essential Head Shaving Products for First Time Shavers

Congratulations on deciding to shave your head. You’re not alone, as the bald look has become incredibly popular in the UK. However, shaving your head is different from shaving your face. There are different techniques, razors, and products.

If you’re shaving your head for the first time, you may want to place the following items on your bathroom sink.

Always Use a Quality Head Shaving Razor

The most important product for a good head shave is a head shaving razor. You need a razor that is designed for shaving the curved-shape of your head.

The HeadBlade line of razors, including the ATX and MOTO, feature a patented finger-ring handle. You place one finger in the handle and then shave with the razor under your palm. This offers more precision and control for shaving difficult areas.

These razors come with a blade. However, you will need to replace your blades regularly. With the HeadBlade ATX or MOTO, you can use either the HB4 or HB6 refill cartridges. These blades should last about 10 complete shaves before you should consider replacing them.

The HB4 contains a four-bladed cartridge, while the HB6 includes a six-bladed cartridge. The extra blades limit the number of strokes that you need to complete to shave your scalp, which also helps to reduce the occurrence of razor bumps and skin irritation.

Lubricate Your Scalp with a Shaving Cream

Before you run the blades across your scalp, you should lubricate your skin. A lubricant helps prevent friction, reducing the pull from the blades while shaving your head. However, instead of using canned foam shaving cream, consider using a paraben-free shaving cream.

The HeadSlick Shave Cream contains a water-soluble formula that is perfect for the health of your skin and your blades. You only need a small amount to lubricate your scalp. Along with creating a better surface for the blades, the lubricant also keeps the shaved hair from clumping, making it easier to rinse your blades.

Treat Your Skin with a Post-Shave Moisturiser

After you shave, help your skin heal by applying a post-shave moisturiser, such as the HeadLube Post-Shave Cream. This cream is available in a matte or glossy finish, letting you choose whether you want a non-shiny or shiny scalp.

These are the basic products that you should use when you start shaving your head. You need the right tools, such as the head razor and blades. You also need the right equipment, such as the shaving cream and post-shave moisturiser. However, if you experience any razor bumps, consider using the ClearHead Bump Treatment to help treat ingrown hairs.

Along with these products, many guys enjoy the feel of the HeadShed Scrub. This exfoliator removes dead skin cells and prepares your skin for a good head shave. While you may not need all these products to shave your head, they do protect your scalp from irritation, allowing you to enjoy a nice, clean shave without any irritation.

If you’re shaving for the first time, also remember to take it easy. Go slowly and pay close attention to each stroke to help avoid nicks and cuts.