Eradicate Ingrown Hairs with ClearHead

Nicks and cuts are not the only problems that you should worry about when shaving your head. Another common issue that you may experience is the presence of ingrown hairs.

What Is Ingrown Hair?

Ingrown hairs are strands of hair that have grown into your skin instead of rising and growing naturally. They resemble small pimples or red bumps and may become itchy. When irritated, they may also produce pus and become uncomfortable. You may also dislike the appearance of these small blemishes.

What Causes Ingrown Hair?

This problem is caused by many factors. The most common reason is the use of low-quality or dull razors. Luckily, there are ways to prevent hairs from growing into your skin.

Rubbing your head with a warm, wet towel before shaving will help reduce the risk. You should also use the correct head shaving equipment, including sharp blades. When shaving, make sure that you shave with the grain and frequently rinse your blades.

While these steps may help prevent hair from growing into your skin, you may also need a solution for dealing with existing spots.

Is There a Cure for Ingrown Hair?

Along with using the right precautions, there is a cure for these small bumps. Some products use steroids, retinoids, and antibiotics to treat the issue. At HeadBlade, a more effective treatment was created.

ClearHead is a specially-formulated product that helps prevent hair from growing into your skin and can help get rid of the spots that you already have. This is a very functional cream that contains natural, healthy ingredients including green tea extract and zinc PCA, which naturally inhibit the production of oil and prevent irritation.

You do not need to live with red spots on your scalp. These spots are even more noticeable when you have a cleanly-shaved head. If you want to prevent this issue, consider using ClearHead to eradicate the problem and protect your scalp.