Does Head Shaving Strengthen Your Hair?

This is a legitimate question that we may be able to help answer.

Shaving Your Head Simply Removes Hair

Your hair grows from your follicles that are locked under the skin. These follicles receive all their nutrients from your blood and always remain hidden under the skin.

When you shave your head, you are only cutting the hair that comes out of the follicle. This process has absolutely no impact on the health of your follicles. Shaving your head does not promote any variation in your natural hair growth. There is no evidence to support the idea that shaving your hair makes it grow back thicker and healthier.


Understanding the Real Causes of Hair Loss

In most cases, hair loss is caused by genetics, hormonal imbalances, or medical issues. Shaving your head does not impact these issues. While there are treatments that may offer a possible solution, shaving your head is not one of them.

The amount of hair that you have on your head is only determined by the number of active follicles in your scalp. If the follicles start to die, your hair will begin to thin. However, shaving your head will not revitalise the follicles.

There are some cases where people are reported to have gained healthier and thicker hair after shaving their heads. However, these cases are likely from people that were affected by a temporary medical condition. Their hair likely got healthier after the illness, leading them to think that head shaving was the solution.

The only change to your scalp provided by head shaving is better dandruff management. After you shave your head and use a scrub, you should be able to conquer even the worst dandruff.

Besides getting rid of dandruff, shaving your head is the only real solution for hair loss and alopecia. The bottom line is that shaving your head provides lots of benefits. It will make you look cool, fresh, masculine, and modern.