Do Women Find Bald Men More Attractive?

Before shaving your head, you may want to know what women think about bald heads. There have been hundreds of questionnaires and interviews about this topic.

There are many points of view and preferences when it comes to bald heads. There are men who love shaved heads and shave their hair off even if they haven’t lost any of it. There are also men that try every option and technique to keep their hair balancing on their head. 

The truth is, head shaving is the only real and effective cure for treating any form of hair loss. Shaving your head allows you to gain control of your life. It may also boost your ego and self-esteem. 

In the past, a shaved head was an unusual site. Today, a shaved head is one of the most normal looks that you will see on the streets of any British town.

But, is a bald head attractive to women?

Everyone Has Their Own Preferences 

We do not want to disappoint you. However, there is no concrete answer to the question of whether women find guys with shaved heads more attractive.

There have been many tests confirming that some women find shaved heads more attractive in men. However, plenty of women still prefer men with hair. There are also many women that find it depends on the guy. 

Shaving Your Head May Give You Confidence

While there is not a definitive answer to whether women prefer shaved heads, we do know that women tend to find confident men more attractive. 

Confidence tends to come from self-esteem and a positive opinion of yourself. If you spend all your time worrying about the appearance of your hair, you will likely lack the confidence that women find so attractive.

Should You Shave Your Hair Off?

In the end, some guys look better with shaved heads. Your attractiveness with a shaved head may depend on the shape and size of your head, along with how confident you feel without hair.

We cannot deny that physical appearance matters in society and what we look like can determine our career and success in life. However, apart from the looks, there are several other characteristics that women look at. In many cases, a shaved head highlights these characteristics: confidence, masculinity, and self-esteem.

If you are lucky enough to still have all your hair, you could try shaving it just once for curiosity. See if you like the way that you look with a smooth scalp. For those that are still trying magic potions to cling on to their remaining hairs, just let it go. Those potions will leave you looking ridiculous and insecure.

Go on, shave it off and increase your charm!