Discover the most comfortable Head Shaving razor ever invented and the difference it can make.

Head shaving is becoming more popular in many areas, especially in the UK. It is hard to leave your house without passing at least one bald guy. At HeadBlade, we hope to be a major part of this head shaving revolution.

Addressing the Challenges of Shaving with Regular Razors

Founded in 1999, the HeadBlade company was born out of the necessity for a better razor. Todd Green, the founder of the company, had been shaving his head since 1992. Like most guys that start shaving their head with traditional razors, Todd quickly found that these razors were not suited for this purpose.

Using a standard razor increases the risk of skin irritation, redness, razor bumps, and even nicks and cuts. This is mostly due to the design of the standard razor.

Standard razors often feature a straight handle. While this is the perfect design for shaving up and down along your cheeks and neck, it’s not helpful when working your way around the curves of the head.

Todd began designing a better blade, a blade with an ergonomic handle that worked with standard razor cartridges. Todd set out to make a blade that was safe and easy to use. He succeeded in this task and now people all over the world have a better way to keep their head cleanly shaved.

Taking on a Multi-Millionaire Dollar Industry

Unlike the major brands that spend millions of dollars developing, designing, and marketing new razors, HeadBlade started with one guy with a single goal. Todd Greene wanted to shave his head without the dangers and discomfort provided by other razors.

The simple, yet functional design is specifically intended to make head shaving easier. These razors possess several innovative features to accomplish this. While some of these features have been copied by others, no one has matched the combination of safety and comfort provided by a HeadBlade.

With the HeadBlade razors, the razor sits close to the head, giving the user greater control and awareness of the position of the blade. These razors also feature two points of contact to help create a suspension system, offering more comfort and allowing the blade to automatically pivot.

Customer Feedback Helps Drive Our Design Innovation

Over the years, we have continued to modify our razors based on customer input. We take a hard look at the features that customers love and the features that they may not like as much. Using this feedback, we continuously update our razors.

The feedback that we have received led to the development of the MOTO razor. It is widely regarded as the absolute best head shaving razor. You don’t need to take our word for it. Thousands of customers from across the globe agree.

Award-Winning Razors and International Recognition

HeadBlade has been recognised numerous times for the superior design of our razors, including the original HeadBlade and the Reddot Design Award-winning HeadBlade MOTO razor.

TIME Magazine gave HeadBlade an award for best design. We have also won the IDSA Silver Award for Design Excellence and the Men’s Health Grooming Awards Prize. A permanent collection is even available at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Besides these awards, HeadBlade has appeared in numerous publications and international grooming magazines. You may have seen our razors in Men’s Health, GQ, Swim, FLEX, Men’s Fitness, and many other publications. GQ even named Todd Green, the inventor of HeadBlade, one of the top Bald 100.

Discover the Difference a HeadBlade Razor Can Make

We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy a close, comfortable shave. While we have received awards and recognition, there are still millions of men that need to know about the advantages of these razors. Luckily, we have made it even easier to obtain your own HeadBlade razor.

In May 2018, we opened a British eCommerce site to serve all UK customers. Visit to learn more or to order your first razor.

If you like the results that you get with a HeadBlade, you can save money with a subscription plan. Our UK warehouse is in Coalville Leicestershire, and we offer express 24-hour shipping across the UK. You even get free shipping for any order over 50 GBP.

Try using a HeadBlade razor for yourself. You will not be disappointed with the results. In fact, once you choose a HeadBlade, we are sure that you will never choose another brand of razor again.