Can You Use Head Razors on Your Face, Legs, and Other Body Parts?

Head razors are designed to make it easier to shave your head. They have a compact design with a handle that provides more control when shaving around the curves of the scalp.

While these razors are the perfect solution for keeping your head shaved, are they suitable for shaving other parts of your body? Yes, you can use a HeadBlade razor on other areas, including your face, legs, and arms.

Tips on Shaving Your Face with a Head Razor

You may use a head razor on your face. However, facial hair is typically different from the hair on your head. It is often thicker and coarser, which requires a few modifications compared to using a head razor on your scalp.

When using a HeadBlade razor on your face, make sure that you apply as little pressure as possible. You don’t need to press hard on your skin to trim your whiskers, as it may pull on the hairs and increase the risk of irritation.

As the hair on the face is often thicker, you should also rinse the blade frequently. The thicker hairs may easily clog the cartridge, resulting in irritation and razor bumps. Rinse the blades after every one or two strokes.

Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you may also want to try shaving with the grain of the hairs on your face. You may not get as close of a shave; however, shaving with the grain tends to be less stressful on the skin.

Using a Head Razor on Your Arms and Legs

A head shaving razor is also suitable for shaving your arms, legs, and other parts of your body. Like shaving your face, there are a few extra precautions to consider.

Always start slowly when shaving a part of your body with a new razor. The HeadBlade razors are designed to be held using the patented finger-ring handle. However, you can also pinch or pull the handle. Experiment with these different positions to find the grip that offers the most comfortable shaving experience.

When shaving the legs and sensitive areas of the body, it is important for the skin to be hydrated and the hair soft. Shaving after a warm bath or shower may help.

As a final tip, when using a head razor on your face, arms, legs, or other body parts, use shaving cream. Your head may need a pre-shave lotion. However, for dealing with the thicker body hairs, shaving cream can help soften and lift the hairs, reducing the chances of redness and razor burn.