Britain’s Bald Head Fashion: Shaved Heads Are the Latest Hairstyle Trend

Shaving your head has become more than a way to deal with hair loss or avoid the cost of a trip to the barber. It has also become a hairstyle trend, especially in the UK.

Many British men shave for fashion and for a masculine and tough look. Walk down any street in the UK and you’ll likely pass men of all ages with shaved heads. While older men may shave to hide their receding hairlines, younger guys are shaving as a style choice.

When Did This Fashion Trend Start?

Several decades ago, the shaved look was not as common. If you saw a group of young men with shaved heads, you would likely assume that they were up to no good. Over the years, this perception changed. Head shaving is no longer immediately associated with young punks.

In the past couple of decades, business leaders and movie stars have shown us that bald can be cool, tough, and masculine. Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, and Bruce Willis are a few of the top action stars who use this look to help propel their careers. Business executives such as Jeff Bezos also show that baldness is not a weakness.

Benefits of Shaving the Hair on Your Head

If you’re on the fence about shaving your head, there are a few details that you should know. First, it’s a liberating experience. When you get rid of all the hair on top of your head, you never have a bad hair day. You don’t need to comb or style your hair. It’s always going to be the same, even on a windy or humid day.

Shaving your head is also comfortable in the summer months. On a hot day, as you sweat, your hair may become extra oily. If you run your hands through your hair frequently, this oil may end up on your face where it may lead to an acne breakout. After shaving, you don’t need to worry about oily hair.

Follow the Trend and Shave Your Head

Whether baldness runs in your family or you don’t like the look of your hairline, you should try shaving your head. It’s a popular look so you shouldn’t be concerned with what other people think. In fact, you’ll probably get a few extra looks and comments the first time you go to work or visit your friends sporting your new bald hairstyle.

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