Baldness in Britain

About half of men in the UK will be affected by male pattern baldness by the time they hit 50, although for most British guys the signs of baldness begin as early as their twenties or thirties.

This most common form of hair loss usually follows the receding hairline before beginning to affect the crown and temples, creating a horseshoe pattern. Baldness runs in families (it’s hereditary) and is caused by having an excess of a male hormone.

British women can also be affected by hair loss. Signs of female pattern baldness are actually apparent in 40 per cent of women by the time they’re 50, and less than half reach old age without some signs of hair loss. With women, however, the signs are usually restricted to thinning on the top of the head.

There are quite a few other conditions that can lead to forms of hair loss, including alopecia areata (which affects around one in a thousand, usually under 30), scarring alopecia, anagen effluvium, and telogen effluvium. For more information on these conditions we recommend the NHS Choices website.

Hair loss can be traumatic for men and women, although one survey found that despite being among the most worried about it, British men were also the least likely to do anything to find a cure for baldness. This might be sensible given hair replacement therapies can lead guys to spending tens of thousands of pounds to little effect.

Increasingly people experiencing hair loss are choosing to go the opposite way and shave their heads – a look that has been a proven hit with celebrities and global CEOs for exuding dominance and cool.

The trouble is that up until now the best head shave razor has not been available in the United Kingdom and would-be shavers have had to make do with razors better suited for the face or … (wince) legs.

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