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Why should I shave my head with a HeadBlade razor?

How do I shave with a HeadBlade?

What are the differences between the razors?

How do I change the blades?

How many complete head shaves can I do with one cartridge?

Is it difficult to shave my head with a razor?

Should I choose an HB4 or an HB6, what are the differences?


What payment methods do you accept?

How are payments handled?


Where do you ship from?

When do you ship?

How much are the shipping costs?

What happens if I’m out when the courier/postman arrives?

Can I collect my purchase from your warehouse?

Do you guarantee a 24 hour delivery for orders to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?


Can I return a product if I change my mind?

How can I modify a paid order?

Do you have a B2B price list for resellers?

How can I get in touch?

Why has HeadBlade only arrived now in the UK?